After spending so much time developing your product with blood, tears, toil, and sweat, you finally reach your goal, and you are done with it. Congratulations! By now, you probably put a decent chunk of effort in branding and marketing, so it is time to sell, right? Not so fast. How much effort have you placed in the packaging? Well, the packaging is the first contact between the consumer and the product. It has to portray your branding, sell your product, protect it, and keep costs down. You surely can find package supplies that fit all three aspects, and we will introduce you to five simple concepts in your packaging research:

1. What Is Your Sales Channel?

Choosing your sales channel is the first important decision for selecting the best package for your product. Packaging for different channels such as e-commerce shipping, retail shops, or club stores such as Sam’s Club and Costco is subject to different standards and regulations to take into consideration. Once you choose a sales channel, your packaging team will focus on something that is easy to ship, considers storage space, and also the safety and structural integrity of the package, while keeping an eye on costs too. By the way, thinking about the design needs before designing and prototyping will also lower your expenses and cut your development time.

2. What Material Should You Pick?

The packaging team will consider the best material by thinking about your audience, the product look, and structural integrity. The material choice should also consider the target price range, the sales channel, as mentioned above, product display, and safety requirements. Choosing among corrugated or chipboard packages, high-end, rigid boxes or even a stand-up pouch will certainly impact your product’s marketability.

3. What About Graphic Design?

Graphics. It is the easiest aspect to consider because the visual aspect usually comes before everything else in the product experience. Different graphic elements appeal to different market segments. You should consider that and how you use colors and the packaging finishing (soft touch, gloss, aqueous coating, and so on) based on your ideal customer, price range, sales channel, and the market.

4. Any Tips About Packaging Structural Design?

Yes, plenty of them. The basic considerations to keep in mind are safety, size, shelf space, durability, and storage space. While aesthetic design, material, and size all impact your success, your structural packaging design needs to protect and properly secure your product. That could be shock protection when falling off a shelf or during shipping from truck to truck. Your choices here also need to consider manufacturing ease, production time, and low production costs, according to John from RT Agencies Inc.

5. Any Ideas About Packaging Costs?

Well, as with everything else in your product development decisions, you need to consider your product price points, target audience, and market before making the final choices. This final price may vary according to industry standards and product price. A good rule of thumb is to set a certain percentage of the product price to cover your packaging costs – choose a number that makes sense for you, within your consumers and sales channel. For example, in industries such as cosmetics, aesthetic appearances, and brand names matter more, so it is wise to invest more money into the packaging. On the other hand, e-commerce items demand more attention to shipping simplicity and structural integrity, and these concerns can be achieved at a lower cost. Your packaging team will certainly find the balance for your needs.

All things considered, there are many factors to reflect prior to choosing the package that suits your product the best. Hopefully, these five items have pointed you and your team in the right direction. After all, once you have a clear idea of your goals, your preferences, and what you want to achieve, beginning the design and production of your chosen packaging with your package supplies company is a much smoother process. And remember: the final design should tick all your boxes.